Harry Dwyer

I'm a designer, video director, stopframe animator, inventor, electronics designer and aircraft upcycler. I've recently started making for TV and my Youtube channel. I love nothing more than getting my teeth stuck into a tricky project.
Aircraft Workshop

Kevin's Supersized Salvage

In 2014 I was involved in Kevin McCloud's new Channel4 programme, Kevin's Supersize Salvage.
It's all about recycling and trying to make saleable products from a decommissioned Airbus A320.
Here are some of the things we've made:www.aircraftworkshop.co.uk
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Trashformers is a new US TV show on A&E Network's channel, FYI.
We spent a while last year in Brooklyn, New York, chipping away at some decaying old vehicles. The show is presented by design wildman Brooks Atwood. I was working alongside the most excellent Tiffany Threadgould, Tim Sway and Gayland Hamilton and Total Metal Resource INC.
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